Fernando Ostanelli

Fernando Ostanelli

Executive with over 18 years’ experience, I have led the delivery of hugely significant and complex Enterprise Agile engagements with globally distributed teams, for Fortune 500 clients. I have extensive experience working with Agile and Lean and with process-definition & deployment.

With CI&T since 2002 and a member of the company´s Executive Board since 2010, I’m especially proud of having been part of the team that, back in 2008, led an organizational transformation that converted the company’s culture and operations from CMMi5/RUP to 100% Lean & Agile in less than 18 months.

Currently, I’m responsible for strategic transformation initiatives, leading Processes & Operations Kaizens. I also work very closely with our delivery teams, engaging and coaching them to achieve greater autonomy and higher maturity levels and by helping them to enhance their results through the effective use of innovative processes and instilling a culture of continuous improvement.

I am passionate about helping our teams to have fun at work by solving business challenges to deliver real value to our clients through Lean and Agile.